Play against our pig Aiden and win huge prizes.
You receive always a price, even if you lose



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Game Rules

You can play every 60 minutes against our pig Aiden.

150 Satoshi if you win
300 Satoshi if you hit the 12
50 Satoshi Loser Bonus if you lose
100 Satoshi for a tie


We accept only one account per bitcoin- and mail-address.

Bots, Multiaccount, VPS- and Proxy-Usage are not allowed. We will ban accounts, when we find such activities.

Bitcoin Blog

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How much can I earn

We pay between 50 and 300 satoshi every 60 minutes. The payout varies depending on the Bitcoin price.

You can only receive 10 times a day free satoshi. We don't want, that you waste your time with collecting some amount of satoshi.

We just want to allow the newcomers an introduction to the topic Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

It exists severals Bitcoin cloud Mining services to earn bitcoins without any invest in own hardware. You also have no electricity costs which will decrease your profit. Here you have some really recommended Bitcoin cloud mining sites.

My personal favorit is CLDMine. You get 1500 DOGE as Welcome Bonus for free.


Additional Bitcoin Faucets

A bitcoin faucet website gives you a small amount of the bitcoin for free. Some of the best bitcoin faucets can you find here.

BitcoinsWorld FreeBitcoin
Zebra Faucet Moon Bitcoin
Bonus Bitcoin Elena Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet

For storing bitcoins you need a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is like a physical wallet in real life in the internet. With a bitcoin wallet you have the possibility to send and receive Bitcoins.

A recommended and secure site for your bitcoin wallet is Blockchain All bitcoin transaction will stored by blockchain.

Buy/Sell Bitcoins

It exists some really good place to buy and sell bitcoins. Here can you find some of the best places to buy/sell bitcoins.

CoinBase Bitcoin.de

What is online wallet

It exists different types of wallets out there. Here we will go in the detail of online wallet, because I think, that is the most flexible and easiest version of bitcoin wallets. Another advantage is the access to your online wallet from any place where you are regardless of the device.

Also online wallet has a disadvantage. The online wallet providers hosts the private key of the wallets and therefore you don’t have the full control over it.

It seem daunting especially as newbie. Therefore we take only the really trusted provider.

Blockchain has established itself 2011 in London. They grew fast and now they are the biggest provider of online wallets. Blockchain.info has a lot of security measures and the latest encryption system. All bitcoin transactions can be tracked with a search box.

Xapo – Quick and easy could be the motto of XAPO. That was my impression, as I have signed up at XAPO. Xapo combines the convenience of an everyday bitcoin wallet with the security of a deep cold storage vault. Website and mobile app are well made.

Coinbase – Besides their business as exchange service, they also offer a online wallet worldwide. The exchange services is only usable from US and the most european countries.

Buy Gold with Bitcoin

If you have no confidence in Bitcoins and you want a solid, long-term investment that has proven itself since ancient times, then is gold a good option. Physical Gold adds more security than bitcoin. You can rather lose a private key/password of your wallet than a Physical Gold in your safe.

BitgildBitgild has opened they doors in 2013. They offer various types of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The security is guaranteed through insured shipments and many reviews on bitcointalk.

AmagiBannerAmagi Metals was established in 2010 in Denver. They have a great selection with a fair price. All orders are shipped fully insured and need a shipping time between 1 day and 6 weeks depending on the products.